Hold On Tight, …

Hold fast to my hand,  don’t let go, 
I have need of your strength
I’m too proud to show
a weakness inside, 
which calls for aid.
Please hold fast
as my senses 

Hold fast to my hand,

I won’t let go,
to give you strength,

to let you know,
I’m always here,

a rock to cling,
hold fast,

senses flying.

Holding fast, sharing true, 
Open your eyes,
I am one 


One last Chance, …

Come, let me paint you a picture,

a room, with a window & door,

inside a lost & broken man,

head in hands, sat on the floor.

Let me paint another picture,

hope rising, he stares at the door,

there she was, his love, his anchor.

One last chance” he whispers, 

one chance more!


The Key, …

Sit still…now wait,

frozen in place,

nothing prepares

a meeting with fate.

Thoughts akimbo,

flying free,

can’t control lifes symphony.

Can’t sing along, forgotten the key

sit alone…in a void, to simply be…


Blue Heaven, …


the carpet swathing the ground,

as richly coloured as can be found.

the sky looking down at the scene,

like a fairytale or what might have been.


the depths of the waters fall,

nothing compares, nothing at all.


Replenish, …

I bid thee good day traveller,

art thou sorely in need of a drink?

Do thy bones feel tired, weary,

craving a soft bed in which to sink?

Thy journey seems fraught, endless,

a quest of memory long gone.

Pray rest, sit, take repast.

once replenished,

thy soul





Forgotten, …

The old wooden fence leans over,

weighed down by age & wear.

Strong ivy clings on regardless

white belled flowers nod in the air.

The house looks lost, so dreamy,

dusty windows mournful to see

how unruly is the large garden

without hands to tend lovingly?


Passion, …

If every picture has a story to tell

I wonder, what does this one say? 

It speaks to me of a love that’s lost

a tryst, hidden, not shown in any way.

It speaks to me of true passion held

of two souls who should be as one,

most of all it speaks of cruel sadness

Of  Lovers fated, apart, a Love gone.

Maybe the Lady is promised to another,

or Her Knight rides for the Crusades,

but their story is captured for ever

in this print, shown to us, ‘twill never fade…..


My Entry to Wordy Weekend prompt #2