Allure, …

When eyes meet, smiles greet, hearts entwine,
over time.
       Body language, ever so sure, instantly knows  
a pulling allure.
      Looking back,  forever say, we met, we clicked 
  fell in love that day.
        No way of telling what’s in store, talking eyes speak
       you’re caught, wanting more.  


Painting info…. Hellelil and Hildebrand,

the Meeting on the Turret Stairs

by Frederic William Burton

18 responses to “Allure, …

  1. Such an amazing Painting Penn, It’s easy to see where you got the inspiration from to compose this beautiful poem. Congratulations, you’ve accomplished an excellent take on the couples love story. Well done. 👏🌹

    Liked by 1 person

    • My thanks for the reblog, and for your appreciation Patrick, for me the painting almost glows with the allure and passion between the two, … I’m just pleased to give it voice with the poem, …✨🙏✨


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